Saddlebrooke Real Estate Information

SaddleBrooke Retirement Community is a resort community that has been built under the well-known Robson Retirement Communities. It is located approximately fourteen miles to the north of Tuscan in Arizona. Voted as one of the top hundred best Master Planned Communities in the U.S., it’s known for its beautiful landscapes and relaxing atmosphere.

Here are some details that will probably be useful in helping you decide whether you would like to move to Saddlebrooke, Arizona:

Area Description

Saddlebrooke, Arizona experiences pleasant weather throughout the year with the summer temperatures ranging from 74 degrees to 99 degrees Fahrenheit and winter temperatures ranging from 38 degrees to 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The annual rainfall reaches only 11 inches. Most items required for daily living are available either within the community or in the areas surrounding the community. The greater Tuscon area is a popular destination for shopping and recreational activities.


Saddlebrooke, Arizona provides for the basic amenities such as fire stations, paramedics, dentists, physical therapists and banks. They also have beauty salons, realty offices, golf courses and mini markets. There are special adult services in Saddlebrooke, such as the emergency response paramedics, cable television, Wi Fi , and golf lessons.

Recreational Facilities

Saddlebrooke, Arizona also has many facilities for recreational purposes such as a sports clubs with different sport activities, creative art centers, heated swimming pools, spas, gyms, clubhouses, ballrooms, restaurants, and lounges.


There are several colleges located near Saddlebrooke, Arizona. Some of these include the Central Arizona College and Pima Community College.

All in all, Saddlebrooke is a great place for people to invest in real estate. The quality of living, amenities, and the facilities provided is perfect for families and individuals alike. No wonder Saddlebrooke, Arizona is fast becoming a real estate hotspot.