Tucson Real estate Information

There are many incorporates suburbs found around the Tucson area. Some of these include Oro Valley to the northwest and Sahuarita to the south. Some cities and towns that have city limits which join or cross over into the Tucson area are Flowing Wells, Catalina, New Pascua, and Benson.

Tucson is well situated for the future, being in a natural location that suits the development of solar energy. Although there isn’t an astonishing solar energy project community founded yet, this is the perfect place to do so.

Living in Tucson means living with an interesting climate. Tucson has two major seasons (summer and winter), as well three smaller ones (spring, fall, and monsoon). Summer time brings mostly clear skies with high temperatures (can be over 100 degrees) and low humidity. Winters on the other hand are pretty mild. The high temperatures for winter time are normally in the high 60’s and low 70’s. There isn’t much snow here, even in the winter.

Monsoon season can come in June or July, with more humidity than the rest of the year. There is often intense rain and strong thunderstorms, which can lead to flash floods. Evening skies can be absolutely beautiful for weather enthusiasts, with amazing lightning shows. During this season, flooding is common, but usually is short lived.